1. What is Friendbuzz

Friendbuzz is a social microblogging service that allows you to blog and watch other users' blogs.

Microblog is similar to a regular blog, but posts are usually quite short, and are intended to inform other users about interesting events that occur every day. In other words, the users' posts answer the question: "What's new?"

Friendbuzz is also a social network because it enables you to follow your friends or colleagues and keep in touch with them.

2. How to register

Becoming a member is extremely simple. Just fill out the registration form. Registration takes less than a minute. Anyone can join Friendbuzz.

The main user ID in Friendbuzz is his nickname. During registration you have to choose a nickname which is not yet registered. There can not be two users with the same nickname. After registration, the nickname can not be changed.

3. How to use

The basic idea of Friendbuzz is to keep your own blog and at the same time watch the blogs of the people you follow.

In order to start following another user, you have to visit his page and click the Start following button. After that his messages will start appear on your own page, and the user will be listed on the I follow page.

4. What are private messages and private profiles

All posts of all users and their profiles (except contact information) can be read by anyone on the Internet. In order to restrict access to certain public posts, you have to publish them as private. Such messages can only be read by friends.

If you do not want your microblog to appear in search, you have to mark your profile as private. To enable another user to see your private posts, you have to add him as a friend.

You can also disable other users to reply to your posts by selecting appropriate option under the "My posts can be replied by" on the Settings page.

5. What are friends

Friends are other Friendbuzz users who follow you and whom you added as friends. Users not following you cannot be added to your friend list. To add another user as a friend, please visit his page and click the "Add to friends" button.

Adding another user as a friend does not add you to the list of that user's friends. The user will have to add you himself if he wants to.

Users on your friends list will be able to read your private post and see your profile along with contact information.

6. How to write a message

Simply enter the text in the box at the top of your page and click "Submit" or press Ctrl + Enter. If you want to send a private message, choose "friends only" in the "This message will be visible to" field above the message text. In order to attach a file to the message, click the "Advanced options" link below the message field.

In order to reply to a message, hover your mouse over it and click the Reply icon in the lower right corner. To simply refer to another user, start your message with @username (eg, @andy pls meet me at the airport).

Other users who follow you but do not follow the user you are replying to, will not see your messages to that user (unless they visit his page).

7. How to find or invite users

Click corresponding link in the upper right corner. You can search for people by real name or by nickname. You can only find people with public profiles.

You can invite anyone who has an email address. Enter the name of the person you want to invite and the email address to which the invitation will be sent. The email will contain a link to the registration page. If the invited person clicks that link and registers, you both will automatically start following each other.