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General Terms

These Terms regulate relations arising between management and users in connection with using the service.

Terms are set, changed and canceled the administration unilaterally without prior message. Since being placed on the new version of the previous edition of the Terms be deemed that has lost its force. In the event of significant changes in the Terms, the administration announced it users by posting a notification on the site.

the rights and obligations arising under the Terms Editor, which has lost its force, applied Received provisions of the Terms in force (the last), unless otherwise established regulations or not arising from nature of the relationship arising between the parties.

current version of the Terms posted on the Internet at

Administration Rights

Administration has the right to set Terms and stop providing access to the service at any time.

Administration has the right to delete a message or user account, including all postings and other information, if this user violates these Terms.

Administration is in no way responsible for the content posted by users.

Administration does not share personal information with third parties.

Prohibited Actions

Users may not:

  • make propaganda or agitation, which raises social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity, war propaganda, social, racial, national, religious or linguistic discrimination;
  • post information restricted (confidential information) unless the user owns this information is a person who is self-created or obtained the information under law or treaty right to allow or restrict access to it or own it, but because of law or of an agreement, under which he was given this information, does not have sufficient rights to share this information;
  • post up the results of intellectual activities or parts that are protected by law in the absence of the user corresponding exclusive or non-exclusive rights to such use;
  • post publicly available messages, graphics or other material that is offensive to other users or other persons or may be considered as such, but also messages, images and other materials, or to discredit others, contain threats, incitement to violence, unlawful acts, antisocial, immoral acts, and any other actions that contradict the fundamentals of law and morality;
  • publish messages, graphics or other material that may cause harm to honor, dignity and reputation of the citizen or business reputation of the organization;
  • post messages that contain obscene words and expressions;
  • post pornographic materials or hypertext links to Internet sites containing such materials;
  • post personal information, including contact information of other users or others without their prior consent;
  • post images of others without their prior consent, except by law, or other persons without their prior consent.